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At Savoy Hill Publications we specialise in the supply of service data and manuals for all kinds of electronic equipment from the discovery of radio and wireless telegraphy into the 80s.

Unlike most other service data suppliers we often have the original makers manuals not just Trader service sheets. 

Most of our manuals are supplied as ring bound high quality copies with an extra set of circuit diagrams (for use on the workbench). 

As we have a huge collection of trade catalogues dating back to the early 20's we will include copies of adverts, test reports etc. when available-In fact we will supply a copy of any relevant information we have in our library    

We are also able to supply a large range of new and reclaimed parts & components. as well as complete items such as radios, TVs & test equipment as and when available

We have a large library of information at our finger tips containing more than just technical information but also a large quantity of sales information for everything from the humble resistor through valves and on to complete equipment

Although a large part of our information is for radio equipment, crystal sets etc. We also have a large amount of information on all kinds of domestic, military and commercial equipment.

The idea of this website is to inform everyone about our services. and to give general background information about the history of electronics & communication systems. Although mainly based around the UK's industry we do have a large amount of data from around the world.


We normally dispatch within 24 hours of receipt of an order 

Payment can be via Cheque, Postal Order, Bank transfer etc. plus Credit/Debit cards and Pay Pal